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US: 150 associations call for no more tariffs on Chinese products 2018-9-10

On September 6, 150 trade associations in the United States jointly wrote to U.S. trade representatives, calling for no tariffs on more Chinese imports to the United States and warning that tariffs would seriously damage global supply chains and hurt U.S. businesses and consumers. The 150 industry……  More

EU opens trade counterattack against the U S 2018-5-21

Recently, the European Union has intensified its options for the introduction of retaliatory tariffs in response to the United States’ plan to impose steel tariffs on the grounds of national security. The European Commission has issued a law that is expected to impose a 25% tariff on 2.8 bil……  More
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The Impact of US dollar Exchange Rate on Chinese Export Enterprises 2018-1-25

The decline of the dollar exchange rate is beneficial to our country’s economy in the short term. First, the decline in the dollar exchange rate means that the price of our country’s exports to the country is relatively cheap. This is conducive to our export in the short term. Next, th……  More

China and Chile Escalation of the Free Trade Agreement 2018-1-7

According to reports, China and Chile FTA signed a formal protocol upgrade by the end of 2017, is expected to be implemented in 2018. The two sides on the basis of the FTA liberalization of goods of high level, continue to expand the opening of the market, the overall proportion of zero tariff pro……  More