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Alumina ceramic lining brick: low abrasion, high specific gravity, high hardness 2020-8-7

Alumina ceramic lining bricks are white in appearance with buckles. They are generally divided into straight bricks, oblique bricks, half bricks and thin bricks. Alumina ceramic lining bricks are mainly used for ball mills, pipelines, etc. as wear-resistant linings. Straight bricks are used for t……  More

Bitossi alternative 92% wear resistance alumina ceramic ball 2019-12-13

Physical properties: CB Chemical properties: Item: Standard Test Result Item: Standard Test Result Bulk Density  (g/cm3) 3.65-3.66   3.65 Purity of Al2O3 (%) 92.21-92.38 92.29 Hardness (Mohs): ≥9 9.0 Impurities (%) Name Fe2O3 SiO2 CaO MgO Water Absorption: ≤0.01% 0.009% Standard 0.04……  More

Kim Yuzheng May Invite South Korean President Wen zaiyin during His Visit to North Korea 2018-2-9

The report said the invitation could be sent out at the 10 Day Luncheon. Yonhap reported that Kim and positive or a letter from Kim Jeong-eun’s visit to South Korea. According to Yonhap reported earlier, a high-level delegation to Wen zaiyin will meet with 10 members of the Standing Committe……  More

Toronto Holding the Happy Spring Festival-Tea Culture Festival in 2018 2018-2-4

February 3rd, in Toronto, Canada, people visited the tea culture festival. On the same day, Toronto, Canada, held a two day festival of “happy Spring Festival and tea culture” in 2018. The organizer, the Consulate General in Toronto Chinese supported by the Canadian Association of tea,……  More