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Fitness makes our body healthier 2017-12-22

Nowadays,  more and more people focus on health,  in the morning or after diner, men and women come out dancing or doing exercise has become a habit, like playing basketball, football, the public sports place, the park and the plot open area are the most important choice as a fitness location. Whe……  More

Kaka say goodbye to the football pitch 2017-12-18

On 17 December (Beijing time), the famous brazil soccer star Kaka announced his retirement at the age of 35, who won the World Cup title in 2007. for me and many fans, Kaka is a memory of our youth. The first time I knew the charming, handsome, and elegant boy was in 2002 Japan and South Korea wor……  More

The application of ceramic ball 2017-11-29

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, alumina ceramic ball has been widely used in modern industrial and modern science and technology fields. It’s mainly used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection ind……  More

Ali Boss Jack Ma 22.4 billion Took RT Marts 2017-11-28

China’s retail markets probably have a huge change! In the early morning of November 20th, Alibaba announced that Alibaba group will invest about 22.4 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 2.88 billion US dollars), directly and indirectly holding 36.16% of SUN HOLDINGS GREATER CHINA LIMITED retai……  More

Terrorist attack in Egypt 2017-11-26

On November 24th, terrorists detonated an explosive device in a mosque in the west of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, northern El Arish city. And then shot the fleeing crowd. Egypt’s official media says the death toll has risen to 235, and hundreds more people have been injured. Egyptian secu……  More

Live life as you want it to be 2017-11-20

There are hundreds of possibilities in life, but always a way you want to be. Everyone pursues the ideal life, but we can easily lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life. Occasionally there will be confusion but we still have to work hard and live hard. In WELLDONE, we aim to  keep our indu……  More