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Free of charge for bus and subway in Seoul 2018-1-16

Seoul, South Korea- the city of Seoul issued a “smog alert” on Thursday to encourage the public to make more use of public transport, free of charge for buses and subways. Seoul atmospheric concentration of fine particulate (PM 2.5) from midnight to 4 PM for more than 50 micrograms per……  More

In 2018,Viet Nam Cut Importing Tax to Zero for Thousands of Products 2018-1-12

The Hanoi news agency reported on 9, said in a press conference on the 10 agreed preferential import taxable items and tax rates table on the Vietnam Ministry of Finance International Cooperation Department deputy director Fan Junying the day before, the government recently issued for a period of ……  More

Emmanuel Macron visits China 2018-1-10

At the invitation of President Xi jinping, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, began his state visit to China on January 8. He is the first foreign head of state to visit China in 2018. This visit is also the first state visit by President Macron since he took office. The first stop of Presiden……  More
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China is no longer a simple “world factory” 2018-1-9

  Chinese intelligent robot Now many of the innovations are from China, China is not only the “manufacturing center”.  In the financial field, China run in the forefront of change, we see a lot of financial enterprises are now in the use of Chinese technology, both local enterpris……  More

China and Chile Escalation of the Free Trade Agreement 2018-1-7

According to reports, China and Chile FTA signed a formal protocol upgrade by the end of 2017, is expected to be implemented in 2018. The two sides on the basis of the FTA liberalization of goods of high level, continue to expand the opening of the market, the overall proportion of zero tariff pro……  More

Cold weather in America 2018-1-5

In the beginning of 2018, middle area of china has suffered snowstorm, coincidentally, the United States suffered a once-in-a-century cold weather. Over the past few days, more than 90 percent of the United States has reached freezing levels, in some places the temperature drops to -31 degrees cen……  More

Most Parts of China Embrace New Year Snowfall 2018-1-4

Chinese proverb states: A timely snow promises a good harvest. It means timely snow indicates the next year is the year of harvest, the harvest is coming crop. Children are having snowball fight Tourists taking photographs Although it is still snowing, we still have to continue to work. But ma……  More

New start for 2018 2018-1-2

Happy New Year. In 2018, I hope you will live hard and love earnestly. May your life be full of armor and fragility, and HanHan, a writer of armor, has said that the life I understand is to do what I love, to support myself and to support my family. Life is not something else, it just sleeps out o……  More

Top 10 news of China sports 2017 2017-12-28

The reforms of sports continued to deepen in various fields; Xinjiang won the CBA champion for the first time; Chinese football continues to improve; Table tennis players are punished for quitting the Chinese open; breakthrough in swimming, track and field events; The 13th National Games was succe……  More
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Applied Technology Solution of Alumina Ceramic Ball 2017-12-21

ball mill operation 1. What are the main features of the structure of alumina ceramic ball? The main chemical composition of the alumina ceramic ball is Al2O3, about 92%, and the other 8% zirconia and other modified toughening materials. The forming process is mainly divided into two types: pressi……  More