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75% Alumina Ceramic Balls

What’s ceramic alumina ball 2020-6-29

Alumina ceramic grinding ball refers to the high-temperature calcined Alpha alumina powder and other materials as raw materials, through the ingredients, grinding, powdering (pulping, sludge), molding, drying, firing and other processes, mainly as A ball stone that is widely used as a grinding med……  More

How should we personally prevent infection with the new coronavirus? 2020-3-20

Initial investigations have shown that the virus’s ability to spread human and pathogenicity is weaker than SARS, so don’t worry about it. So, how should we personally prevent infection with the new coronavirus? According to the opinions of experts from China CDC and WHO, public preven……  More

Alumina wear-resistant ceramic ball application 2020-3-6

Alias of alumina wear-resistant ceramic ball: ceramic ball, porcelain ball, grinding ball, corundum ball, wear-resistant porcelain ball, high alumina ball, microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina ball appearance is white ball, diameter 0.6-120mm Purpose: A. It is mainly used for finishing and deep……  More

Bitossi alternative 92% wear resistance alumina ceramic ball 2019-12-13

Physical properties: CB Chemical properties: Item: Standard Test Result Item: Standard Test Result Bulk Density  (g/cm3) 3.65-3.66   3.65 Purity of Al2O3 (%) 92.21-92.38 92.29 Hardness (Mohs): ≥9 9.0 Impurities (%) Name Fe2O3 SiO2 CaO MgO Water Absorption: ≤0.01% 0.009% Standard 0.04……  More

Alumina ceramic ball and cement cooperation 2018-1-19

As high energy consumption of cement industry, every time the subject of industrial upgrading, it is a top priority, the shandong industrial ceramics research and design institute of experts to “how to reduce the energy consumption of cement grinding process” after a long investigation……  More

Blizzard blue alert continues in China 2018-1-6

The national meteorological center continue to issue blizzard blue warning, shaanxi guanzhong plain in eastern, southern shanxi, northern Midwest, northwest of anhui, hubei, henan and other places have heavy snow, the southeast of henan, hubei, northeast local blizzard, new snow depth of 4 ~ 8 cm,……  More

Mobike will expand into more countries 2017-12-8

When I was woking in Beijing, I always ride a Mobike to go to work. It facilitates my life. Recently, the CEO of Mobike company said it’s planning to enhance the expansion in more overseas markets, they believe their global business will expand rapidly in the future. So far, Mobike has enter 12 co……  More

75% Alumina Ceramic Balls 2017-11-26

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