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Those in states with high humidity will have a higher priority

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If you have a brand that’s Related Site been discontinued, such as a Pontiac, you can contact any other GM dealer, such as Chevrolet or Buick.Related: Airbag maker Takata announces largest auto recall everIt may take a while for your dealer to make a repair. There are not 34 million replacement airbags ready to be installed, and NHTSA is working with manufacturers and Takata to prioritize which cars should get repaired first. Those in states with high humidity will have a higher priority, as will the older cars, since humidity and age are believed to contribute to the problems caused by the airbag defects.The airbags will be replaced at no cost to the owner, even if the car is no longer under warranty.Should I have my airbag disabled if it can’t be replaced right away?No.

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