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There are multiple sites in North Korea and we need to have

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Head to Temple Mount. For non Muslim visitors, the only official point of access is through the Mughrabi Gate, where there is a security check. The queue can be intimidatingly long, but it usually moves reasonably quickly. At least as troubling as his overall stats is his usage thus far by first year Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. As noted by my colleague Neil Greenberg who went so far as to advise benching Johnson this week against the Bears the RB’s share of the touches in Arizona’s offense has dropped from 48 percent in 2016 to 42 this season, and his snaps per game have plummeted from 60 to just 36. All this has occurred in the context of a Cardinals offense that has been an absolute train wreck overall, posting an atrociously low 175 total yards per game (by comparison, the woeful Bills are next lowest at 223)..

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