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Matt Lauer was “toppled” like a treeunlucky enough to be caught

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  • Release on :2014-12-6

Lauer, 59, may be the best known,and perhaps best liked,of the men whosehighflying careers have crashed in the wake of accusationsbesettingthe news canada goose outlet uk sale media, the government canada goose outlet store and the entertainment industry over the past two months.America woke up without another one of the most recognizable faces in morning television Wednesday, asthe rapid firesexual harassmentallegations canada goose black friday sale thathave been rocking Hollywood and Washingtonbrought downone of the most prominent figures to date. Look hard.Here the interpretation from Feministing:Now Lauer was very popular, but among viewers, canada goose outlet in usa not necessarily by the people who knew him or worked with him. Nevertheless, here the article take on the words above.Matt Lauer was “toppled” like a treeunlucky enough to be caught in the path of a “fast moving” tornado.

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