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If you haven’t done a bit of homework about the industry

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Have a competitor’s offer in hand, know what extras they may try to add on to your bill, have an expectation of a reasonable term of service.If you haven’t done a bit of homework about the industry, you won’t know whether you’re being treated properly and when you’re being told the truth. “Preparation is an inoculation against surprises,” says Cohen.4. Control what you can (not much)The only part of the negotiation you can actually control is how it starts.You don’t know what the other party will agree to, but you can control the location (are you going into their office to talk in person or over the phone?), your appearance (are you trying to negotiate the price of a work suit wearing your home improvement jeans?) and also the general tone with which you open.”The mood you want to set is one of joint gains,” says Cohen.

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