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Chinese supplier 92% 95% AL2O3 alumina ceramic ball

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  • Release on :2019-11-11

Alumina ceramic ball Description
1.Alumina ceramic ball is the use of a selection of high-quality raw materials, advanced cold isostatic molding technology, after high temperature calcination of high-quality grinding media.

2.Alumina ceramic ball Features: Alumina ball is the main component of high-quality high-temperature alumina powder, with high purity, high strength, high hardness, high whiteness, low wear, the quality of grinding materials basically no impact. The product uses isostatic pressure molding, which is significant, can greatly improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the grinding time, while effectively adding the effective volume of the ball mill, thus increasing the amount of luminescent grinding materials added.

Our Service
1.Pre-sale: We received an inquiry, the first time for you to arrange one-on-one dedicated customer service, 24 hours to solve your needs,to give you a reasonable satisfaction with the offer.

2.In the sale: the whole process of reporting order production to you ,do a good job of quality control and production schedule, determine the specific delivery time, coordinate customs clearance and transportation of the whole process.

3.After-Sales: Dedicated customer service personnel to track the customer’s receipt, use and record the construction of confidential files. Enter the customer return visit from time to time

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