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Application of alumina ceramic grinding ball

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  • Release on :2019-12-7

Alumina ceramic grinding ball is a kind of non-metallic grinding medium widely used in industrial grinding, which has many physical and chemical advantages different from metal grinding ball.

Alumina ceramic grinding ball is made of high purity aluminum oxide powder after isostatic pressure, high temperature sintering.The density of 92 alumina spheres is around 3.6, the hardness of mo type is at grade 9, the water absorption is close to 0, and the self-abrasion is at %0.01.

Also because of the above characteristics, alumina ceramic grinding ball is widely used in a variety of industries in the fine grinding, the following to give you a list:

Glass grinding, first of all, the hardness of glass is very high, ordinary grinding medium for its processing capacity is limited, excessive impurities will greatly reduce the quality of glass, resulting in the finished glass phase is not good, unable to produce high-quality products.Alumina grinding ball can be a good solution to this problem. Quartz grinding, the same quartz hardness is also very high, especially high white quartz for whiteness requirements are very high, and just aluminum oxide color white, this from many aspects to solve the high white quartz grinding problem.

Cement grinding, this is a very popular in recent years, the application of an industry, alumina ceramic grinding ball has a very low abrasion, thermal conductivity, low density, in the secondary grinding in the water, there is a very good performance, energy conservation and consumption reduction, improve the quality of the product effect is obvious, but he has his weakness is brittle hard, easily broken, so the industry transformation need professional technical team.

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