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92% Alumina Grinding Ball for Ceramic grinder

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  • Release on :2019-12-27

Product Description:
The alumina grinding ball is a high-quality grinding medium made of selected high grade materials, advanced molding technology and calcined in high-temperature tunnel kiln. Possessed with high density, high hardness, low wear, good seismic stability and good corrosion resistance the products are the most ideal medium for grinding glaze, blank and mineral powder processing, and are used as the grinding medium of ball mill in ceramics, cement, paint, refractory, inorganic mineral powder and other industries.
It’s able to make the products in different specifications as customers’ requirements.

Products manufacture and supply:
(1)Heavy weight refractory bricks: Clay brick, High alumina brick, Corundum brick, Mullite brick, , Magnesia brick, ,Magnesia chrome bricks, Silicon carbide brick etc.
(2)Light weight insulation bricks: Clay insulating bricks, High alumina insulating bricks, Mullite insulation bricks etc.
(3)Unshaped refractory: Ramming mass, Gunning mix, Mortar, Calcium aluminate cement, Refractory raw material (bauxite, light weight refractory bed material, dead burn magnesia, fused magnesia) etc

(4)Ceramic Fiber Product: Ceramic fiber board, fibre blanket, fiber paper, fiber cloth, fiber tape, fiber module etc.

(5)Refractory balls: High alumina ball, Alumina ceramic ball, Ceramic regenerative ball etc.
They are widely used in Iron and Steel, Nonferrous Metals, Building materials(Cement, Glass, Ceramic), Petrochemical, Energy & Incineration etc industries.

Why Choose Us?
1.Based on rich refractory raw materials and experienced refractory manufacture factories, can provide complete refractory in Specification and Category with good quality and competitive price.
2.Larger production capacity(3000tons per month) ensure the fast production cycle after confirmed the order.
3.ISO9001 Certificate,100% QC inspection Before Shipment, and 1 year Quality Assurance.
4.Professional packing avoid damage; Competitive Price make the products competitive in customers’ market.
factory materials more than 15 years, can supervise raw material, production, quality control, package, delivery professionally to ensure the products’ quality.
2.Sales person:
(1)Quick and Professionally reply: can provide customers a series of advices and solutions including products, package, transport etc to make customer worry-saving and save time.
(2)Provide customer more than 8 hours’ consultation service.
3.Free samples. Produce the products according to clients’ requirements. To meet the refractory solutions, also can arrange technicians to customers’ plant if needed.

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