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75% 92% Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball

  • Author:Jack
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  • Release on :2019-12-21

99% High Alumina Ceramic Ball Is made from alumina powder of low silicon content.
The high purity and high strength make them extremely high temperature resistance, is used to avoid the leaching reaction tower of silica cover downstream equipment or dirt or poisoned catalyst carrier.
This makes them all ideal choice for support of all types of catalyst.
It’s widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, gas and environmental protection industries, as a catalyst in the reactor to cover support material and tower packing.

It has a high temperature and high pressure resistance, bibulous rate is low, the characteristics of the chemical performance is stable. Can withstand the erosion of acid, alkali and other organic solvents, and can endure in the production process of temperature changes.
Its main function is to increase gas or liquid distribution points, support and protection intensity is not high activity of the catalyst.

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