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Paying off Cell Phones

  • Author:Jack
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2018-1-24


How fast is the change in this time? When you are still marveling the changes brought about by mobile phone payments, Jack Ma and Pony Ma have already started paying off their phones.


High speed change, announced at the same time!

WeChat, Alipay announced:Sstart Highway “No Sense” Pay, this is Chinese all car owners’ gospel, high-speed charging mode will usher in changes! What is “no sense” payment?


Look at Alipay:

Directly name “License Plate Pay”, credit score above 550, you can directly bind Alipay with car, your car will become Alipay, license plate becomes the payment code. Under high speed, automatic license plate recognition, automatically from your Alipay deduct high-speed toll. Does not need the entire cash change, not to take out mobile phone scan code.


Then look at Wechat:

Directly name “high-speed e”, as long as you have your car and WeChat bound together, then open the secret payment. If not at ease, you can also save the tolls separately. So, when you are at the high speed, you will automatically recognize the license plate, then automatically deduct the money from your WeChat account, and send a button to remind the message.

WeChat and Alipay have revealed that at present are just beginning to be full line after reunification, national implementation does not receive the card, no parking, automatic payment. Definitely, Alipay start from Henan, Wechat from Shandong. A “national high-speed competition war” has been started.

Throw away the cell phone, the future has come.

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