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Introduction to Alumina Brick

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  • Release on :2018-1-28

The content of alumina is more than 90%, and the refractory products are composed of corundum. High normal temperature and pressure strength (up to 340MPa). High rul start temperature (greater than 1700 ℃). Good chemical stability, strong resistance to acid or alkaline slag, metal and glass.

The stability of thermal shock is related to its structure, and the corrosion resistance of compact products is good, but the thermal shock stability is poor. It is made by sintering. It can also be made from phosphoric acid or other binder. It is mainly used in iron blast furnace and blast furnace, refining furnace, sliding water device, glass melting furnace and petrochemical industrial furnace.

Alumina has been widely used in high temperature and high pressure, severe chemical erosion and mechanical wear of petrochemical thermal lining material, with the progress of petrochemical industry production technology, a lot of new technology and new technology is adopted in production, in order to make equipment to large load, long cycle, low energy consumption and low cost.

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