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What is the ceramic balls?

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  • Release on :2018-1-15

Ceramic ball packing also called inert ceramic ball, ceramic ball is widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, gas and environmental protection industries, as a carrier of catalyst in the reactor, cover and packing materials, porcelain ball packing main effect is to increase the strength of a gas or liquid catalyst, support and protect the activity is not high.According to the content of Al2O3 inert alumina ceramic ball, ceramic ball packing can be divided into: ordinary ceramic ball, ceramic ball, aluminum inert alumina ceramic ball, high alumina porcelain, 99 alumina ceramic ball, concave hole porcelain, activity of ceramic ball, ceramic ball hole, microporous ceramic regenerative ceramic ball.

Grinding ball is used for grinding of ball mill, pot mill, vibration mill, etc.Ceramic grinding ball has high hardness, high volume density, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, the broken rate is better than that of ordinary stone or advantage of the natural stone material, widely used in ceramics, glass, enamel, paint, chemical and other industries.According to the different content of Al2O3, the grinding ball is divided into silicon carbide grinding ball, ceramic grinding ball and high alumina grinding ball.

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