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Alumina ceramic ball and cement cooperation

  • Author:Becky
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  • Release on :2018-1-19

As high energy consumption of cement industry, every time the subject of industrial upgrading, it is a top priority, the shandong industrial ceramics research and design institute of experts to “how to reduce the energy consumption of cement grinding process” after a long investigation, demonstration and practice, found that if using alumina ceramic ball as grinding medium, using the experience of application of alumina ceramic ball TaoHangYe under construction, will be of great help in terms of saving energy and reducing consumption.

Recently, high strength alumina grinding ball has been successfully applied in xiangtan cement of China, and has obtained a series of encouraging experimental data:

  1. Saving power: reduce the loading capacity of the grinding machine by 20%, reduce the main current of the grinder by more than 20%, and save more than 15% of the tons of cement;
  2. To mention quality: improve the performance of cement, particle size distribution is more reasonable, particle spherical degree increase, standard consistency water consumption is decreased by 1-2%, cement admixture of concrete better adaptability, 3 – (including 32 m particles content increased by more than 2%;
  3. The temperature and noise reduction, reduce more than 15 ℃, temperature in grinding mill noise reduction;
  4. Wear-resisting: microcrystalline high strength alumina ball consumption is 50% of the steel ball;
  5. Environmental protection: green production is conducive to the realization of the limit of the content of water soluble hexavalent chromium in cement products (the limit value is less than 10mg/kg).

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