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High Altitude Challenge “First Man” Fall Died

  • Author:Jack
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2017-12-9

The signal tower, the lightning rod, the skyscraper… When life is still swinging between peers in front of struggling and distant poems, 26 year old Yong Ning obsessed with climbing between the dangerous high buildings. The dangerous high altitude challenge video of Yong Ning made him capture many fans on social platform. He also called himself the “first person” of the unprotected aerial challenge in China.

At the beginning of November 8th, the update of the major video websites was stopped. In December 8th, his girlfriend confirmed the news of the death of Yong Ning through a personal micro-blog. Changsha police confirmed that the cause of death fell from the top appendages of the tall building.

Although he died, but we will learn this spirit. Shandong Welldone, Alumina Ball Producer, always challenge difficulties to produce better products to the world.

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