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Total lunar eclipse appeared

  • Author:Becky
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  • Release on :2018-2-1

On January 31, China and even Asia, Oceania and North America can enjoy a total lunar eclipse (red moon). The total lunar eclipse can be divided into five stages: the first loss is 19:48 (the moon has just touched the earth); At 2:51 (the moon happens to enter the earth); At 2130 hours (closest to the centre of the moon and the centre of the earth); At 22:08 (the moment the moon rises from the earth’s shadow); At 2312 hours (the moon is completely out of the earth).The entire eclipse lasts up to three hours and 24 minutes (from the beginning to the full circle).

Experts explain that when the sun, earth and moon are aligned in a straight line, a lunar eclipse is possible. But since the moon’s orbit around the earth (the white way) is not in the same plane as the earth’s orbit around the sun, it has a five-nine point Angle. Therefore, in most cases, the moon passes above or below the shadow of the earth, so there is no eclipse. A total lunar eclipse occurs only when the sun, earth and moon are aligned in a true line.

Did you see the total lunar eclipse? If you don’t see it, please enjoy our welldone pictures.

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