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The SCO Summit was a complete success

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  • Release on :2018-6-12

From June 9 to June 10, President Xi Jinping presided over the 18th meeting of the Council of Heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states in Qingdao, China. Welcoming dinners, small-scale talks, large-scale talks, bilateral meetings, and tripartite meetings… In just two days, more than 20 official activities were held. The summit reached broad consensus and achieved fruitful results, leading the SCO to a new starting point. At 9 a.m. on the morning of the 10th, Indian Prime Minister Modi, Uzbekistan’s President Mirzijoyev, Tajikistan’s President Rakhmon, Pakistani President Hussein, Kyrgyz President Gennabekov and Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbay Yves and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived.

President Xi Jinping shook hands with the leaders of the SCO member states and invited everyone to take a group photo. This new “family blessing” set a historical moment in the development process of the SCO. After 17 years of extraordinary development, the SCO has created a new model of regional cooperation and made significant contributions to the peaceful development of the region. The future is bright but the road is not smooth.

“Carry forward the ‘Shanghai Spirit’ and strengthen unity and cooperation”; “Promote safety cooperation and work together to meet challenges”; “Deepen practical cooperation and promote common development”; “Play positive influence and show international responsibility”… International Conference Center Huanghe Hall, Xi Jinping The chairman delivered a speech at the small-scale talks to provide a clear path for the development of the SCO.

In the face of the world’s unprecedented changes in a century, President Xi Jinping’s foothold in Europe and Asia and his vision of the world, he also discussed the “Shanghai spirit” with the parties, proposed China’s plan, and cooperated with each other in the region and painted blueprints for development. This shows that the world’s leaders are confident and calm. With responsibility.

While Welldone China is trying to manage the international trade of ceramic balls, it continues to pay attention to the trade dynamics among the members of the SCO Summit.

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