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Prince harry and his wife stunned Britain by announcing their “independence” from the royal family.

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  • Release on :2020-1-10

Britain’s prince harry and princess meghan markle have announced on social media that they will step down from their royal duties and seek financial independence.The news came as a shock to Britain.

“After months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen this year to complete the transition,” the pair wrote in a statement.They wanted, they explained, to “carve out a new and progressive role within the [royal] system”.

“We intend to withdraw from our role as a ‘senior’ member of the royal family and seek financial independence, while at the same time maintaining our full support for the queen,” they said.The pair also said they plan to split their time evenly between the UK and North America in the future.The move will benefit their eight-month-old son, archie.On the one hand, they can raise their sons in royal tradition;On the other hand, it gives the family space to start new chapters in their lives, including setting up new charities.

Royal response: the situation is’ complicated ‘The BBC reported that the pair did not appear to have consulted the queen, prince William or any other member of the royal family before making the statement.The BBC said Buckingham Palace was “disappointed” and the royal family “hurt”.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement that discussions about harry and meghan’s retirement were at an “early stage” and that “we understand their desire to pursue a different path, but this is a very complex issue that will take time to discuss”.And here the media are Fried pot, the headlines eat melon ridicule very lively.

The sun cleverly coined the term “Megxit” to echo the Brexit drama that had been going on for years.

The daily mail didn’t mind the fuss, writing under the headline: the queen is angry, and meghan says: we’re done.

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