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Park Yee-Hui wrote a personal letter

  • Author:Becky
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2018-4-2

The first trial verdict of Park Geun-hye’s “Faithful Dealing with Political Affairs” case will be held on the 6th of this month. Earlier, the Central District Court of Seoul in South Korea considered that in order to protect citizens’ right to know and the public interest, or allow live broadcasting of the sentencing process. However, the latest news from Yonhap News Agency said that Park Geun-hye submitted a personal letter to the court on the afternoon of the 2nd, clearly stating that he did not want the broadcast of the broadcast of the sentence.

Park Geun-hye clearly wrote in the letter, “Someone sent a letter to solicit me if I agreed with the live broadcast of TV. I do not agree with this.” Korean media said that despite the consideration of “public interest”, the court could disagree with the defendant. Live TV is allowed under the circumstances. However, most analysts believe that due to the resolute attitude of the defendant, the court may consider it carefully.

According to the overseas network, earlier in the trial, Li Zaijun and Cui Shunshi did not broadcast live TV.

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