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Mark Long Receives Charlemagne Award

  • Author:Becky
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  • Release on :2018-5-11

Thanks to its contribution to European integration, French President Mark Long was awarded the 2018 International Charlemagne Award in the city of Aachen in western Germany on the 10th.

The International Charlemagne Award aims to recognize people who promote European integration. The award management committee believes that Macron’s “Vision for a New Europe and Reconstruction of a New European Project” is in line with the awarding purpose of the award.

After winning the award, Macron said that Europe must establish its own unified sovereignty and should not be affected by the decisions and influence of other world powers. At the same time, European people must uphold the common values and cultural identity of Europe, and Europe cannot split itself. When talking about EU reform, Macron called on EU member states to increase their budgetary spending on the EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed in the speech that Mark Long had done so far for the EU integration. She also said that both Germany and France firmly believe that Europe needs to start again.

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