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Japanese cherry blossoms rarely bloom in autumn

  • Author:Becky
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  • Release on :2018-10-19

A survey conducted by a Japanese meteorological company in Japan last week showed that more than 300 newspapers in Japan reported signs of cherry blossoms. Experts told the local media that the rare autumn flowers may be the result of unusual weather this year, especially the strong typhoon that Japan suffered not long ago.
The Japanese Flower Association’s Tree Doctor and Tian Yuzhi speculated that the unusual weather may be the reason for the sudden bloom of flowers. He said that the storm hits the leaves of the trees, a phenomenon that causes the trees to release a flower-promoting chemical.
He also said that the unusually hot weather after the typhoon may also be the cause of the confusion and flowering of plants. “There was such a thing happening in the past, but I don’t remember seeing such a massive bloom.”
Despite this, experts believe that the unusual opening of the autumn cherry blossoms will not affect the cherry blossoms to bloom again in the spring next year.
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