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Blizzard blue alert continues in China

  • Author:Becky
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  • Release on :2018-1-6

The national meteorological center continue to issue blizzard blue warning, shaanxi guanzhong plain in eastern, southern shanxi, northern Midwest, northwest of anhui, hubei, henan and other places have heavy snow, the southeast of henan, hubei, northeast local blizzard, new snow depth of 4 ~ 8 cm, local more than 10 cm.
The heaviest rain since winter has hit 23 Chinese provinces.
The intensity of snow in henan, hubei, anhui, jiangsu and other parts of the region was rare in the same period.
According to the national disaster reduction office, the current snowstorm hit 567, 000 people in 5 provinces of central and eastern China by the end of May 5.
The disaster has also led to the emergency transfer of more than 200 people in five provinces and more than 100 people in need of emergency assistance.
Nearly 200 houses collapsed and more than 400 were damaged. The affected area of crops was 13.1 thousand hectares, including over 900 hectares.
A direct economic loss of 5.1 billion yuan.
Welldone will keep an eye on China’s weather conditions and try to do ceramic balls well.

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