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Be grateful – happy Thanksgiving

  • Author:Becky
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2017-11-23

Every Thanksgiving, we can according to custom to church to do Thanksgiving prayer, urban and rural towns everywhere make-up marches, drama performances and sports competitions, such as schools and shops are given by the regulation off.The children also mimicked the Indian appearance, dressed in grotesque costumes, painted on facebook or put on a mask and sang and blew their horns on the street.Family members who live outside their hometown will also go home for the holidays, and the family will sit around and chew delicious Turkey and thank their families.

On Thanksgiving Day, WELLDONE  say thank you to our customers friends for a long time support and trust us , thank you for your trust, we will continue to work hard, provide the best ceramic ball products to return customers.

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