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Ali Boss Jack Ma 22.4 billion Took RT Marts

  • Author:Jack
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2017-11-28

China’s retail markets probably have a huge change!

In the early morning of November 20th, Alibaba announced that Alibaba group will invest about 22.4 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 2.88 billion US dollars), directly and indirectly holding 36.16% of SUN HOLDINGS GREATER CHINA LIMITED retails.

SUN HOLDINGS is currently the largest retail companies; owned by Auchan & RT two brands, provided with a large number of large supermarkets and hypermarkets in 29 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide. Annual revenue over 100 billion RMB, market shareS maintain the domestic retail industry TOP ONE for many years.

This means that the RT mart, Auchan as the representative of the retail giants all have been belong to Ali! And all over the country’s 29 provinces, the autonomous region’s warehousing, logistics and other first-class supply chain channels will also be all access to the commercial empire of Ali.

In the face of the continuous development of the economy, Shandong Welldone, as Alumina Porcelain Ball Manufacturer, continue to invest in scientific research, improve the quality of products, reduce the cost of products, and give profits to customers.

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