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China’s new coronavirus pneumonia vaccine development accelerated

  • Author:Laura
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  • Release on :2020-4-25

Since the outbreak of pneumonia virus in China, the Chinese government has attached great importance to vaccine research and development.

The development of new coronary vaccines in China has accelerated, and two new coronary vaccines have entered phase II clinical trials: an adenovirus vector vaccine and an inactivated vaccine. When is the study completed? Disease control experts said that the new vaccine is expected to provide emergency use in September this year, and is expected to be used as a healthy population early next year.

Today, China’s vaccine development is at the forefront of the world. Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, estimated in an interview with China International Television a few days ago, “Maybe we can have a vaccine for emergency use by September. If the epidemic occurs again in a large scale, it is still in the second or third clinical The tested vaccine can be used in special groups, such as medical workers. ” At the same time, “We can develop vaccines for healthy people early next year.”

We hope that the development of viral vaccines will be successful and enter clinical application as soon as possible.

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