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“Asian Squatting” Brushing Moments on WeChat, Many people Can’t Do It.

  • Author:Jack
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2017-12-10

Recently, Moments(We call it PengYouQuan) on WeChat are filled with one Movement ↓↓


 Standard posture of “Asian squatting” should be like this ↓↓

The heel of Foot touch earth completely.


The heel can not be warped up


Magicly, most Americans are unable to do so with heel down to ground, ordinary people can only do this with heel up. ↓↓

(“American squatting” spokesman Obama)


For foreigners, Asian squatting, is an inexplicable myth. They even have a tutorial to teach the Europeans how to squat!

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
2, Lower your body until your butt is infinitely close to the heel.
3, Rest your arm on knees for better balance.

But when they try themselves, the result is this…


In fact, in the Chinese body language, the squat represent a kind of comfort, relaxation and relaxation.

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In the square, the station, such posture is everywhere.↓↓


Taste better while Squatting that Sitting ↓↓


Staff in Welldone (China Alumina Ball Producer), can do this! What about you?

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