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Alumina wear-resistant ceramic ball application

  • Author:Laura
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  • Release on :2020-3-6

Alias of alumina wear-resistant ceramic ball: ceramic ball, porcelain ball, grinding ball, corundum ball, wear-resistant porcelain ball, high alumina ball, microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina ball appearance is white ball, diameter 0.6-120mm


A. It is mainly used for finishing and deep processing of thick and hard materials in different types of ceramics, enamels, glass, and chemical factories. Wear is much better than ordinary ball stone or natural cobblestone.

B. Non-metal mineral product powder (such as zirconium silicate, kaolin, heavy calcium carbonate, etc.) and coatings, paints and other industries for grinding and dispersion of materials and polishing of metal parts, suitable for all types of grinding and polishing equipment.

C. Fill in rubber during pouring to increase the coefficient of wear resistance

D. High temperature resistance, can be used as the ball under the push plate kiln

E. High strength and high hardness can be used for polishing

Product Application:  Ball mills for ceramics, mining, cement, paint, chemicals, medicine, coatings, refractories, mining and other industries.


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