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Notice on the Postponement of Ceramics China 2020 2020-4-14

Due to the rapid global spread of COVID -19, according to the requirements of Chinese government for prevention and virus control, in order to ensure the health and safety of all exhibitors ! and visitors and the desired effect of all exhibitors, and guarantee the international characteristics of……  More

Introduction to Alumina Brick 2018-1-28

The content of alumina is more than 90%, and the refractory products are composed of corundum. High normal temperature and pressure strength (up to 340MPa). High rul start temperature (greater than 1700 ℃). Good chemical stability, strong resistance to acid or alkaline slag, metal and glass. The s……  More

Application of Alumina Ceramic Balls 2018-1-27

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, alumina ceramics has been widely used in modern industry and modern science and technology. 1) mechanical aspects. Have wear-resisting alumina ceramic lining brick, lining, lining, nail alumina ceramic,……  More
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The Impact of US dollar Exchange Rate on Chinese Export Enterprises 2018-1-25

The decline of the dollar exchange rate is beneficial to our country’s economy in the short term. First, the decline in the dollar exchange rate means that the price of our country’s exports to the country is relatively cheap. This is conducive to our export in the short term. Next, th……  More

Alumina Ceramic Ball 2018-1-23

Alumina ceramic ball is a mainly alumina materials processing and production of a ceramic filler, this kind of product has a variety of sizes and different purity, as support materials of catalyst in the reactor coverage and tower packing. It is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, bib……  More

Alumina ceramic ball and cement cooperation 2018-1-19

As high energy consumption of cement industry, every time the subject of industrial upgrading, it is a top priority, the shandong industrial ceramics research and design institute of experts to “how to reduce the energy consumption of cement grinding process” after a long investigation……  More

What is the ceramic balls? 2018-1-15

Ceramic ball packing also called inert ceramic ball, ceramic ball is widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, gas and environmental protection industries, as a carrier of catalyst in the reactor, cover and packing materials, porcelain ball packing main effect is to increase the strength of ……  More
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China is no longer a simple “world factory” 2018-1-9

  Chinese intelligent robot Now many of the innovations are from China, China is not only the “manufacturing center”.  In the financial field, China run in the forefront of change, we see a lot of financial enterprises are now in the use of Chinese technology, both local enterpris……  More
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Applied Technology Solution of Alumina Ceramic Ball 2017-12-21

ball mill operation 1. What are the main features of the structure of alumina ceramic ball? The main chemical composition of the alumina ceramic ball is Al2O3, about 92%, and the other 8% zirconia and other modified toughening materials. The forming process is mainly divided into two types: pressi……  More

The application of ceramic ball 2017-11-29

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, alumina ceramic ball has been widely used in modern industrial and modern science and technology fields. It’s mainly used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection ind……  More