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US-British-French Joint Air Raid on Syria 2018-4-14

On the evening of the 13th, US President Trump announced a military strike against Syria. The Syrian capital of Damascus then flared up with fire and smoke. The U.S., Britain, and France coordinated their actions and cracked down on targets in Syria under the pretext of suspected chemical weapons ……  More

Korean Presidential Office Sentence Park Geun Hye to 24 Years in Prison 2018-4-7

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Xi Jinping inherited the “red gene” 2018-4-6

The Cold Food of the Ming Dynasty was another spring. As a traditional festival, Ching Ming carries people’s memories of the deceased; as a solar festival, Ching Ming also bred the future and hope. Since the 18th National Congress of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping recalled ……  More

Park Yee-Hui wrote a personal letter 2018-4-2

The first trial verdict of Park Geun-hye’s “Faithful Dealing with Political Affairs” case will be held on the 6th of this month. Earlier, the Central District Court of Seoul in South Korea considered that in order to protect citizens’ right to know and the public interest, or all……  More

The North Korean delegation experiences the differences in Korea between the two countries 2018-3-31

Less than 200 miles separates Pyeongchang, South Korea, from Pyongyang, North Korea. But in many ways, the two places are worlds apart.  And for the North Koreans visiting here, they’ re seeing a lot of things for the first time. The North Koreans arrived here in Pyeongchang on this high pee……  More

Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Kim Jong Eun 2018-3-29

From March 25th to 28th, at the invitation of General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Korean Workers’ Party and Chairman of the State Council, paid an unofficial visit to China. During the visit, Xi Jinping held talks with Kim Jong-un. ……  More

‘Black Panther’ Breaks Twitter Record 2018-3-24

  The superhero movie Black Panther has already broken records at the box office. Now, it has broken a record on Twitter, too. The social media company says Black Panther is officially the most-tweeted-about movie ever. Twitter said Black Panther had the most tweets in the United States, foll……  More

Foreign leaders congratulated xi jinping on his election as President 2018-3-22

Xi Jinping was elected as President of the state and chairman of the central military commission. Leaders of some countries, political party leaders and heads of international and regional organizations have sent letters to Xi Jinping to congratulate him on his election as President of the People&……  More

Russian experts have developed ginseng chocolate 2018-3-21

Experts at Russia’s far eastern federal university have created chocolate that is rich in high-tech ginseng extract, according to a recent report from Russia’s far eastern federal university. The project creator, the far east federal university school of medicine, food science and tech……  More

“A Bite of China” Promotes Development of Iron Woks 2018-3-20

83-year-old Wang Lifang is a blacksmith in Zhangqiu, a district famous for iron wok since the Han Dynasty app 2,200 years ago. Wang has spent all his life here making handmade woks., and he said that it takes 12 different steps to make a Zhangqiu iron woks, which needs to be hammered 36,000 times ……  More