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Toronto Holding the Happy Spring Festival-Tea Culture Festival in 2018 2018-2-4

February 3rd, in Toronto, Canada, people visited the tea culture festival. On the same day, Toronto, Canada, held a two day festival of “happy Spring Festival and tea culture” in 2018. The organizer, the Consulate General in Toronto Chinese supported by the Canadian Association of tea,……  More

Total lunar eclipse appeared 2018-2-1

On January 31, China and even Asia, Oceania and North America can enjoy a total lunar eclipse (red moon). The total lunar eclipse can be divided into five stages: the first loss is 19:48 (the moon has just touched the earth); At 2:51 (the moon happens to enter the earth); At 2130 hours (closest to……  More

Japanese monkeys soak in hot springs 2018-1-31

It is not the year of the monkey, but the hell valley monkey park in the north of nagano prefecture is still popular. Many foreign tourists come to see the “snow monkey” hot spring.”Snow monkeys” some are comfortably enjoy spa, others are swimming leisurely to or mischievou……  More

Qingdao subway delayed operation for snowing 2018-1-30

On the night of the 27th, Qingdao city finally snowed. To ensure the safety of the citizens, the Qingdao subway was ordered by “snow”, and the line 2 and line 3 were delayed to 00:15 28th .On January 28, the operation time of subway line 2 and 3 was extended for half hour. More than 3,……  More

2018 Davos Forum 2018-1-26

On January 23, the world economic forum is opening in davos, Switzerland. The forum is expected to have more than 70 state leaders , more than 340 government ministers and more than 2,000 business leaders attending. “How to prevent the next financial crisis” has become a hot topic amon……  More

Paying off Cell Phones 2018-1-24

  How fast is the change in this time? When you are still marveling the changes brought about by mobile phone payments, Jack Ma and Pony Ma have already started paying off their phones.   High speed change, announced at the same time! WeChat, Alipay announced:Sstart Highway “No ……  More

Some chinese airlines allow inflight mobile use and wifi 2018-1-22

Recently, china eastern airlines and some domestic airlines have begun to allow mobile phone use in flight.  More than a dozen airlines have lifted a ban on mobile phones. This means CAAC is going to enter the “mobile era” in 2018. On the HU7781 flight, many passengers picked up the po……  More

Russia President Putin Take a Shower in Ice Water 2018-1-20

Putin on the headlines again, this has nothing to do with politics, but with his personality and this behavior makes him a stronger man, although he is 66 years old. What a tough guy! Just as same as Tough Alumina Ball(Mohs Hardness is 9). In January 18th, it is -10 Degree Celsius in Moscow, and ……  More

Philippines Started a Constitutional Amendment, The President Could Be Reappointed 2018-1-18

On January 16th, the Philippines house of Representatives convened a resolution  to make amendments to the constitution committee. It was ready to amend the constitution established in 1987 and transform Philippines from centralization to federalism, president could be reappointed. According to th……  More

Free of charge for bus and subway in Seoul 2018-1-16

Seoul, South Korea- the city of Seoul issued a “smog alert” on Thursday to encourage the public to make more use of public transport, free of charge for buses and subways. Seoul atmospheric concentration of fine particulate (PM 2.5) from midnight to 4 PM for more than 50 micrograms per……  More